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Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh has relaunched post-covid

Bronze Launch October 2021 for S3

Silver Launch September 2021 for S4,5 & 6

Gold Launch August 2021 for S6

At Eyemouth High School our policy is that Duke of Edinburgh is an option for all pupils. We will work to accommodate all needs and backgrounds. We fundraise to bring costs down making it an option for any pupil who would like to take part. We also have a well stocked cupboard of supplies for pupils to borrow so all you need is your boots!

The Duke of Edinburgh award scheme involves four aspects; Volunteering, Skill, Physical and Expedition. At Gold level you also need to complete a residential. For each level (Bronze, Silver and Gold) the four aspects remain the same but the length of time taken to complete each differs. 

We are very lucky to be well staffed and the school is very supportive in accommodating staff development as well as the growth of Duke of Edinburgh. 

School Coordinator - Emily Bewsey

Leader - Chris Krievs 

Leader - Alastair Scott

Assessor - Mark Alexander

Assessor - Jo Wright

Assessor - Duncan Robertson

Assessor - SImone Bowie


If you have any enquiries please contact Emily Bewsey through the school office. 

For further information visit the Duke of Edinburgh website -

For pupils uploading evidence on their accounts use -