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Extra work available for absent students

I am putting work on this site for any students who are missing school for any reason....snow, illness, holidays.......

Firstly, have you done all the homework tasks? If not, go back and complete them, And send them in for marking. Then download some worksheets below.

For quick access to Glow please click  here... Glow

I will be putting stuff on Glow for you asap!

The homework last week was to complete the conclusion from the respiration investigation and then to explain the results. Why does the pulse rate go up when exercising and why does it take so long to return to normal. Revise aerobic and anaerobic respiration.

Meanwhile, the class have begun study of Unit 3 - Life on earth and a good resource is BBC Bitesize Scotland - National 5 Biology.

Also go onto BBC Bitesize Scotland Science Level 4 Biodiversity where there are some great videos to watch on the topics we are covering.