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The Planner is an important part of how we communicate progress to parents.

In June each year,  all S1-3 students are given an A5 student Planner and all S4-6 students are given an A6 Planner.  Students are expected to have their Planner with them every day and to put it on their desk at the start of all lessons. It should be updated every day with progress information.

 If a student loses their Planner, their parents/carers should contact the school office on 018907 50363 to order a new one. There is a £5 charge.


We would appreciate it if you could ask your son or daughter to show you their Planner on a regular basis and use it to ask them about their learning and progress. Rather than asking them what they’ve been doing at school, please ask your son or daughter what they’ve been learning.

Sections which are likely to be of particular interest to you are:

  • Pages 10-19: Learning Log
  • Pages 20-57: Progress Record
  • Page 58: Revision timetable
  • Pages 59-60: Homework help
  • Pages 61-62: Accelerated Reader record
  • Pages 63-65: Wider Achievement Record
  • Beyond page 65: Daily Self-Evaluation Record and diary

We ask S1-3 parents to sign theme student Planner every weekend. Registration teachers check that this is happening and have conversations with students about how they are getting on.


Sections which are likely to be of particular interest to you are:

  • Page 9:  Course Targets Summary
  • Page 11: Monthly Self-Evaluation of Progress
  • Pages 14-42: Progress Record
  • Pages 43-48: Action Plans
  • Page 49: Revision / Study Check-list
  • Pages 50-52: Study Timetables
  • Page 53: In-school Study Support sessions
  • Pages 54-56: Wider Achievement Record

In addition to these features, there is a weekly diary section for students to record details of homework and assessments.