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"I feel that this school is a very warm and welcoming place - we are all very close: everyone knows everyone."

- Alice Ellwood, Head Girl


"I believe that this school has challenged me to energise myself and work to my full potential. I think that the values that Eyemouth High School has instilled in me - commitment and respect - will be greatly beneficial for me in my future studies and career."

- Sophie Macdonald, Head Girl


Eyemouth High School is a school which:

  • Gives an environment where students can feel able to thrive and soar above previous expectations;
  • Pushes the limits as to what we thought was once possible as a school;
  • Is fast becoming a school that other schools shall aim to be like;
  • Is a place that young people feel comfortable coming to everyday;
  • Has welcoming teachers that make you feel valued and wanted.

- Archie Bogle, Head Boy