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In Fashion and Textile Technology we develop learners' knowledge and understanding of the fashion and textile industry, as well as the relevant skills required for working in the industry.

This course also enable learners to develop an understanding of a range of factors that influence fashion choices made by individuals and society.

Course develops knowledge, understanding and skills in the technological processes of the fashion/textile industry. Course is experiential and practical, with opportunities for candidates to develop and communicate their own ideas for fashion.

Pupils will develop:

  • detailed knowledge of textile properties and characteristics
  • detailed textile construction techniques
  • detailed understanding of factors that influence fashion/textile choices
  • detailed understanding of fashion/textile trends
  • the ability to plan and make detailed fashion/textile items
  • the ability to select, set up, adjust and use relevant tools and equipment safely and
  • detailed investigation, evaluation and presentation skills

Your work will be assessed by your teacher on an ongoing basis throughout the course. Items of work might include:

  • practical work - such as drawings and making a fashion/textile item
  • written work - reports and design plans
  • projects
  • class-based exams