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Healthy, tasty food is crucial to our wellbeing. The course will suit you if you love food and cooking and want to develop your skills in this area.

Being able to cook for yourself and others is a valuable life skill and can lead to a range of careers, including working in hotels and restaurants, the health sector and the food industry.

This course is practical and relevant to the world of work. You will learn how to choose ingredients, prepare dishes and present them well. You will learn how to work safely and hygienically while developing your cookery, food preparation and organisational skills.

Cookery Skills, Techniques and Processes

In this unit you will:

  • develop your cookery skills, food preparation techniques and ability to follow cookery processes
  • develop your understanding of the importance of safety and hygiene.

Understanding and Using Ingredients 

In this unit you will learn about:

  • ingredients from a variety of different sources and their uses
  • the importance of responsible sourcing of ingredients and of current dietary advice
  • selecting and using ingredients to prepare dishes and doing so safely and hygienically.

Organisational Skills for Cooking 

In this unit you will learn how to:

  • develop your organisational and time management skills
  • follow recipes and time plans to produce dishes
  • further develop your ability to evaluate the product.

Your work will be assessed by your teacher on an ongoing basis throughout the course. Items of work might include:

  • practical work - such as preparing and cooking dishes 
  • written work - such as planning a meal and evaluating them 
  • projects
  • class-based assessments.