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  • Prizegiving Special Newsletter - 27th November

    Published 27/11/20

    Please click below for our Prizegiving special newsletter.

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  • Parent Consultation on SQA arrangments

    Published 18/11/20

    This consultation is for parents of students involved in Highers and/or Advanced Highers, on behalf of the National Parent Forum Scotland.

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  • Parental Newsletter - 15th November

    Published 15/11/20

    Please see attached our latest parental newsletter.

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  • S4, S5 & S6 Reports

    Published 06/11/20

    S4, S5 & S6 Reports

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  • SQA Information for Senior Pupils and Parents

    Published 02/11/20

    Please find here a copy of the letter sent to all parents of Senior Pupils. This letter contains information about evidence for SQA Qualifications will be collected this year.

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  • Parent Newsletter - 30th October 2020

    Published 31/10/20

    Please see attached our latest newsletter.

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  • Latest Newsletter - Friday 2nd October

    Published 04/10/20

    Please see attached our latest newsletter

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  • Parental Bulletin - 18th September

    Published 18/09/20

    Our latest newsletter.

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  • Xpressions App - how to use

    Published 18/09/20
    More information about Groupcall Xpressions  Eyemouth High School now offers the Groupcall Xpressions app which Scottish Borders Council are encouraging all schools and parents to use going forward. This app enables you to have instan
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  • Free online study classes offer!

    Published 08/09/20

    Free Study Classes!

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  • Parent Bulletin - 04/09/2020

    Published 04/09/20

    Please find attached our latest Parent Bulletin.

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  • Facemasks - Important News

    Published 28/08/20

    As you will be aware, wearing facemasks in corridors and socials areas is now compulsory. Please see the attachment below for a copy of the presentation made to students about this.

    Students must bring a facemask to school each day, along with a sealable plastic bag in which to store it. This is a parental responsibility. If reusable masks, these will also require careful cleaning on a daily basis.

    We have been asking today about any student who might be exempt, according to these criteria:

    • You have a health condition or you are disabled, including hidden disabilities, for example, autism, dementia or a learning disability, and this means you cannot wear a mask safely.
    • If you have breathing difficulties

    Students who identified in this way have been issues with a polite badge to wear to avoid any further questions. On Monday morning we will make a further check around this issue.

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