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  • Final Newsletter of the Year

    Published 22/06/21

    Please find attached the last newsletter of the year.

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  • Latest Newsletter - 27th May 2021

    Published 28/05/21

    Please find the link to our newsletter below.

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  • Latest Newsletter - 19th March 2021

    Published 19/03/21

    Please see teh attachment for details.

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  • Latest newsletter - 26th February 2021

    Published 26/02/21

    Please see our latest newsletter below - it has a link in to our parent survey as well.

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  • Latest Parental Newsletter - 5th February 2021

    Published 05/02/21

    Please click below for our latest newsletter.

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  • Latest newsletter

    Published 22/01/21

    Please see our latest newsletter.

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  • iPad accessibility features

    Published 13/01/21

    iPad accessibility features

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  • Lockdown Newsletter

    Published 07/01/21

    Please see attachment for our latest newsletter.

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  • Christmas Newsletter

    Published 18/12/20

    Please click below to see our Christmas newsletter.

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  • S2 Reports

    Published 10/12/20

    S2 Reports

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  • Highers and AHs Exams Cancelled

    Published 09/12/20

    Please see the attached letter from SBC about the cancelled Higher and AH exams.

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