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Welcome to our new school website

Today we launch our new Eyemouth High School website. This has been in development for a number of months - we hope that you like it and find it useful.

We have tried to organise the website so that it's as easy as possible to use. We've also tried to include resources that should be of interest for you. For example, in the National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher course areas (found under "Faculties") , you will find links to resources such as SQA support materials, BBC Bitesize and the "Nutshell" series, which gives you information about each of the courses.

Not every section of our new website is fully developed, but we will be updating different sections over the coming weeks and months.

Some features which I think are worth pointing out to you are:

  • A Latest News section on our homepage - this replaces the Wordpress blog which we have been using the past few years;
  • An Upcoming Events feature on our homepage;
  • A new Clubs & Activities section (found under "Students");
  • A new "Letting us know about achievements" form (found under "Parents");
  • The information and resources included in the "Senior Phase: S4-6" section (found under "Students"), including our Getting The Best Results You Can pack, and details of when Study Support is available.

Mr B. Robertson, Depute Headteacher