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Facemasks - Important News

As you will be aware, wearing facemasks in corridors and socials areas is now compulsory. Please see the attachment below for a copy of the presentation made to students about this.

Students must bring a facemask to school each day, along with a sealable plastic bag in which to store it. This is a parental responsibility. If reusable masks, these will also require careful cleaning on a daily basis.

We have been asking today about any student who might be exempt, according to these criteria:

  • You have a health condition or you are disabled, including hidden disabilities, for example, autism, dementia or a learning disability, and this means you cannot wear a mask safely.
  • If you have breathing difficulties

Students who identified in this way have been issues with a polite badge to wear to avoid any further questions. On Monday morning we will make a further check around this issue.