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  • S3 Poster Design Work

    Published 22/02/19
    We are feeling very proud of our S3 students with their poster design ideas. See more on the Art&Design page
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  • S3 Reports

    Published 07/02/19
    S3 Reports were issued today at registration.
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  • S4-6 Study Zone

    Published 06/02/19
    Study Zone has officially finished. However, a number of students have been asking if they can still use the library as a study area after-school. We are happy to continue to offer this, if there is demand for it. So, as of next week, a quiet stud
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  • Scholar

    Published 04/02/19

    SCHOLAR's upcoming Online Tutor Sessions are:

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  • Effective Study - a guide for students

    Published 31/01/19
    We have produced an Effective Study guide to help support student learning. This guide should be useful to students in all year groups, S1-6, and to parents. All S4-6 students will be given paper copies of this in Registration. Paper copies for S1
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  • Scholar

    Published 28/01/19
    SCHOLAR's upcoming Online Tutor Sessions are: Day Date Time Subject Level Monday 28 Jan 2019 6pm Physics
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  • Scholar - online tutor sessions

    Published 18/01/19

    Please enter an introduction for your news story here.

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  • Updated Prelim timetable

    Published 16/01/19
    Attached is an updated version of our Prelim timetable.  Please note that the exams on the afternoons of 12th and 14th February have been swapped around. This version of the timetable includes details of break and back-to-class arrangements f
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  • S5/6 Parents' Evening

    Published 15/01/19

    S5/6 Parents' Evening - Wednesday 16.01.19

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  • Scholar - upcoming tutorial sessions

    Published 13/01/19
    SCHOLAR's upcoming Online Tutor Sessions are: Day Date Time Subject Level Monday 14 January 2019 6pm Moder
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  • Study Zone

    Published 21/12/18

    S4-6 Study Zone Programme now available.

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  • Prelim exams

    Published 19/12/18

    Prelim timetable and related information.

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