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Additional Support

Welcome to the Department of Additional Support: we're part of the Faculty of Pupil Support. We work with the Pastoral team and other professionals in the school to make sure that all of our pupils have the best possible opportunities to do well at Eyemouth High School.

We play the important role of supporting any student who may require additional support for the short or the long term. We're keen to help students with specific learning difficulties (for example dyslexia) and those where a social, emotional or behavioural need suggests support will help with learning and achievement. Most of the support we provide is in the mainstream setting where Learning Support Teachers and Additional Needs Assistants will support one or more learners in their classrooms. Support staff may offer one on one support, or may work with a group or with a whole class. Sometimes we offer specialised support to small groups of pupils to help close a gap in their learning or to introduce new learning in advance of it starting in class. Our main focus is in these groups is on supporting Literacy and Numeracy.

Eyemouth High School is also piloting a 'Learning Zone' where a range of tailored support is being offered. This may be nurture through 'soft starts' in the morning or a quiet place to go and work. If a student is struggling in their mainstream class we offer support to help them get on with their work and to find their way back into learning with their peers. Some pupils use this as a quiet place during the bustle of breaks and lunchtimes.

We're also happy to work with parents who are concerned about their child's transition into Eyemouth High School perhaps because they have a special educational or social and emotional need.  We work with parents and their children so that we can help specific groups of pupils make a good start. Sometimes this is done in consultation with our associated Primary Schools and other professional agencies.

This year Mrs Sumerling has led an initiative where a number of our senior students have opened a 'Chill 'n' Chat cafe' providing real time work experience and life skills learning.

We're also glad to support the teaching staff in the school making them aware of the needs of specific children and in helping to personalise their learning.

In the Senior Phase a number of our students require Additional Arrangements such as readers, scribes, the use of ICT, separate accommodation and digital exam papers. The Additional Support department works alongside the classroom teacher to identify these needs, to evidence them and we make the application to the SQA to ensure these arrangements, if necessary, are in place.

Our department aims to ensure that all of our students are able to access high quality teaching and learning, to experience a relevant and balanced curriculum and will be given the support they need to achieve their full potential. At the same time we want them to feel safe, happy and to develop their self - confidence. Our aim is to be consistent and kind in our approaches towards our students.

We also aim to provide a safe and quiet place away from the 'busy ness' of the whole school.

Teaching Staff:

Mr Jarrod Finn  (Principal Teacher)

Mrs Viv Sumerling (Full time Additional Support Teacher)

Mrs Laura Mercer (Part time Additional Support Teacher)

Mr Ian Yule (Part time Behaviour Support Teacher)

Mrs V Lowe (Work Experience & Part time Additional Support Teacher)

Additional Support Assistants:

Mrs Maureen Ireland

Mrs Paula D'Agrosa

Mrs Joyce McLean

Mrs Lita Murray

Mrs Laura Keay

Mrs Kirsteen Wilson

Mr Chris Anderson

Mrs Wendy Carter

Mrs K Patterson

Mrs N Ewing

If you'd like to make contact with us directly then please ask to speak to Mr Finn or email him at: