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Administration and IT provides students with essential skills for work, life and education. 

Admin & IT looks at how businesses use Office software to help them run more efficiently. It concentrates on the following software:

  • Spreadsheets (Excel)
  • Databases (Access)
  • Word Processing (Word)
  • Presentation Software (PowerPoint)
  • Internet searching
  • Emails
  • E-Diaries

It also helps to develop an understanding of administration in the workplace by the following theory:

  • Skills and duties of an Administrator
  • Customer service
  • Health and safety
  • Security of people, property and information 
  • Sources of information
  • File management
  • Corporate image
  • Electronic communication

Assessment is mainly computer based:

Nat 3 & 4 -   Internally assessed computer based tasks

Nat 5

  • Computer based timed practical exam = 50 marks  (Spreadsheets, databases and theory)
  • Computer based timed practical exam = 70 marks (Word processing, communication and theory)


  • Written Question Paper = 50 marks
  •  Computer based timed practical exam = 70 marks

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