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Advanced Higher Music

The Course enables learners to develop skills in performing, creating, understanding and analysing music. It enables learners to develop and extend their applied music skills in challenging contexts and to develop greater depth of understanding of music through listening.

It provides learners with the skills they need to perform challenging music with musical and technical accuracy and fluency, while realising the composers’ intentions. It also provides learners with opportunities to develop composing skills in sophisticated and creative ways. Further, the Course also helps learners develop advanced aural skills and demonstrate their understanding and analysis of music through researching and analysing complete movements or works.

The aims of the Course are to enable learners to:

  • develop autonomy and independent thinking skills

  • develop creativity through performing

  • develop self-expression when creating original music

  • develop advanced skills in musical analysis and aural discrimination

  • develop knowledge of music and musical literacy through in-depth study and


  • evaluate their own work and that of others


Important Dates:

Exam Paper - Friday 26th April at 14:30-15-45

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