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Every student in S6 is an ambassador for a specific subject. In this role, they volunteer in classes or within the department, allowing them to not only to gain vital skills for when they leave school but to also contribute to the stimulating experience of EYHS.

This years  subject ambassadors are:

Art- Alice Ellwood

Business- Henry Johnston-Smith and Hannah Bryant

English- Jenny Lawson

Geography- Megan Ritchie and Annie Maclain

German- Elycia Brocker-Penelvar and Mirren McTavish

Graphics- Brodie Bell

History- Megan Hindmarsh-Yule

Maths- Lois Atkinson and Elle Drummond

Music- Katherine Marsh, Freya Herriot and Mirren McTavish

PE- Caitlin Mount, Duncan Horsburgh, Georgia Dunn, Liam Jones, Graeme Thomson and Georgina Allan

Science- Alex Gomersall, Marshall Smith and Sophie Macdonald

We also have ambassadors for specific aspects or areas of the school.

Mental Health - Toni Patterson, Dylan Ramsey, Nicole Ainslie and Rebecca Nixon

School Presentations - Tamara McFarlen, Jessica Douglas, Brenna Purves and Talia Watson

Shared Reading - Sophie Hemmings, Tom Hoggart, Archie Bogle, Cara Heary and Lewis Crowe

Lockers - Sophie Reap

Mrs Feeney has an overview of the Ambassadors within the school.