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The Technology Faculty is very fortunate to be successful in a number of different competitions. Below is a list of all the different activities we have been successful in.

Greenpower Race events

Race day 22.09.19 - Best F24 kit car, Folio award and Third place F24 race

Race day 29.3.19 - Junior team won the Spirit of GreenPower award

Race day 29.3.19 - Senior team came second overall

Race day 15.04.18 - Second in F24 both races, Award for best body design and cooling system


Border College STEM AwardSave

Borders College STEM Award 2018

Borders College STEM Award 2019


Rotary Young Engineer Challenges

2019 - Advanced Award (S5/S6)

2018 - Advanced Award (S5/S6)

2017 - Basic Award (S1/S2)

2016 - Basic Award (S1/S2), Advanced Award (S5/S6)

2015 - Basic Award (S1/S2)


Rotary Young Chef


Bloodhound Race for the Line

2017 - Second overall in Scotland, First in the Scottish Borders


Tomorrow's Engineer Lego Mindstorm

2018 - Best designed Robot


Warhammer School League

Kill team heat 2019 - Most sporting team