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Borders College Courses

Borders College run their Schools Academy on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, predominantly at their campus in Galashiels, but from this year parts of all courses will be delivered online, and some more locally.

If in Galashiels, transport is free and runs from school, leaving at 12:20pm, and returning at about 5:15pm. This is a serious commitment in terms of time, and you must be prepared to make this journey twice a week in order to be successful on the course. However, there are more options this yet taking place here in Eyemouth and at local schools. In addition,  some have a local placement alongside online learning - reducing the need to travel.

Courses are available at at Levels 3,4, 5, 6 and 7. There are a number of courses at each level:

Levels 3,4,5

  • Hospitality Foundation Apprenticeship – Level 5
  • Automotive Skills Foundation Apprenticeship – Level 4
  • Construction Foundation apprenticeship - Level 5 - Here at Eyemouth High School
  • Skills for Work -Engineering - Level 4 - Here at Eyemouth High School - our Greenpower Car project.
  • Personal Presentation and Enterprise Skills – Level 4
  • Health Sector Studies – level 5 - at Kelso
  • Animal Care – Level 4 – at Newtown St. Boswells
  • Racing Yard Routine – NPA Level 5 – at Kelso
  • Scottish Racing Academy – NPS Level 4 Horsecare – at Kelso
  • Cyber Security – Level 5 – Remote Delivery
  • Landbased Workplace Skills: Growing Rural Talent – Level 4 – (Teaching is online, placement is local)
  • Landbased Rural skills for Work – Level 4 –at Newtown St. Boswells
  • Forestry – NPA Level 5 – At Newtown St. Boswells
  • Local Food Production - NPA

Level 6 - Equivalent to a Higher, some of these lead to Level 7 qualifications in year 2. Click here Foundation Apprenticeship video

  • Business Skills Foundation Apprenticeship – Level 6 (Kelso, Tues 6,7 and local placement)
  • Civil Engineering Foundation Apprenticeship (at Earlston HS - ask Mr Chapman for details)
  • Creative and Digital Media - NPA Level 6 and also Year 1 of a Foundation Apprenticeship - Delivered in Eyemouth High School.
  • Social Services, Children and Young People Foundation Apprenticeship (Level 6 Teaching is online, placement is local)
  • Healthcare Foundation Apprenticeship – Level 6 (Teaching is online, placement is local.)
  • Events – NPA Level 6
  • Psychology – Higher at Level 6 (teaching is online)

Applications can be considered in the first instance by speaking to your Pastoral teacher.

For more detailed course information click here. Then tick the 'Schools Academy' checkbox in the type of study drop down menu - all the courses above are then listed.

You can find more general information on their website here.