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English and Literacy

English is the beating heart of the school. Your level of literacy opens the doors of success in almost every other subject. As you progress through the school you will notice how what you do in English forms links to other subject areas.

You will be encouraged to read because we believe that those who read succeed. In fact recent research showed that people who read as teenagers are more likely to go on and succeed, be promoted and have greater job satisfaction. Their private reading actually had greater impact upon their lives and life chances than any other sport or hobby. 

In English you will be given opportunities to study texts: plays, novels, short stories and poems. You will write your own imaginative stories, informative reports and so on.

English and Literacy staff:

  • Mrs Laura Feeney (Principal Teacher)
  • Mrs Emily Bewsey (Principal Teacher Achievement and S6 Guidance)
  • Mr Stuart McKenzie
  • Ms Alder-Bateman
  • Miss Lili Kane