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First Year Friends

At Eyemouth High School,  we offer a programme called 'First Year Friends' which invites senior pupils across S5 and S6 to volunteer their time to welcome the new S1s; help them settle into their new school environment by answering questions and directing them around the school.  

This is a valuable role that helps make a huge difference to our first year pupils having a successful start on their new journey at the High School.  During the first two weeks of term 'First Year Friends' are available during break and lunchtimes to answer any questions;  as well as being visible in the main corridor areas in between classes to help direct S1s to their next class.

After the first two weeks, if an S1 pupil would like to catch up with a 'First Year Friend', they can do so by completing the 'First Year Friend Catch Up' form by clicking on the blue section on the right hand side of this page.