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Graphic Communication

Graphic Communication is a STEM subject which helps pupils develop technical knowledge and creative skills to produce a range of preliminary, production, informative and promotional graphics.

Topics and skills covered in the course include:

  • Sketching and rendering techniques – using pencils and a variety of other media to analyse briefs, plan projects and communicate ideas.
  • Technical drawing techniques – using traditional drawing equipment to produce a range of 2D drawings (orthographics, sectional views, developments, etc) and a range of 3D pictorial drawings (perspective, isometric, oblique, planometric, etc) to British Standards.
  • Computer aided modelling techniques – using industry-standard 3D modelling software to produce life-like models of products, form which digital production drawings and digital 3D renderings are made, with many of the graphics produced being exported to other software for further use.
  • Desktop publishing techniques– applying knowledge of design elements and principles to analyse and evaluate existing work, plan new work to meet briefs for clients, and produce promotional pieces using industry standard software.


  • Graphic Communication is recommended as a STEM subject due to the technical and engineering nature of computer modelling and production drawings.
  • Graphic Communication is recommended as a pupil choice along with  Art & Design, as there are links between these creative subjects.
  • There will be regular homework.
  • Meeting deadlines and being resilient are important features of being successful in this course – you will be expected to carry out tasks in your own time.

Progression Routes

College courses that Graphic Communication will support entry into include:    

  • Computer Aided Draughting & Design               
  • Visual Communication: Graphic Design
  • Manufacturing Engineering                                   
  • 3D Computer Animation                    
  • and a wide range of design and engineering related courses.

University courses that Graphic Communication will support entry into include a wide range of design, manufacturing, engineering and creative industry courses.

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