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Higher History

In Higher History, we focus on three topics that will be assessed in two 1 hour 30 minute  SQA exams and a one hour 30 minute timed assignment essay. In the course, we will focus on essay writing, using evidence to heighten our arguments, analysing evidence and evaluating its importance. We will also look at sources in terms of their usefulness, how fully they give information and the viewpoints of them. You will have six period a week in class.

For the essays topics, we will look at Britain 1851-1951 which looks at the changing political and social rights including why Britain became more democratic, why women gained the vote, why the Liberal reforms were passed, and the effectiveness of these reforms.

We also look at the USA 1918-1968 which looks at changes that occurred such as why attitudes changed towards immigration, why there was a lack of growth in the civil rights movement up to 1941, why there were economic issues from 1929-1933 and why there was a growth of the civil rights movement after 1944. 

For sources, we will focus on the Scottish Wars of Independence 1249-1328 which looks at the death of Alexander III and the succession crisis, the relationship between John Balliol and Edward I, Scottish resistance and William Wallace, and the rise and triumph of Robert the Bruce.

You will have an opportunity to look further into one of the essay topics to create your Assignment. This is an essay you will research independently using sources and historians to gather information. You will then write up this essay timed in class in 1 hour 30 minutes,