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Information for new S5 and new S6 Students - The Process

Please consider the following information carefully:

  • There are five columns available for S5 and S6 students to choose from.

  • A full range of courses is available from Level 3 to Level 7 study. Generally students will study National qualifications at Level 4 or 5, Higher qualifications at Level 6, or Advanced Higher qualifications at Level 7.

  • In S5 all students are expected to choose five subjects from the columns on the Course Option Sheet. If this is not possible it is important that you speak to your pastoral teacher as soon as possible.

  • S5 students are expected to spend six periods in the department for all of their subjects. If studying a National 5, this will mean four taught periods, and another two timetabled to study in that faculty. Students are expected to attend all six periods.

  • In S6 all students are expected to be involved in 28 periods of study or other activity

  • All will study PSE, PE and RME at some point in the timetable.

  • We will work out on an individual basis how to fit Advanced Highers in – some will stand alone, some may combine with a Higher class.  Please see the Course Option Sheet below. Some of these may be available through working with other schools. Other subjects may be possible by arrangement.

  • S6 only – Open University Young Applicant in Scotland Scheme (YASS) courses are available. Please indicate on the return sheet if you would like to study one of these. These are at Level 7 – equivalent to Advanced Higher – and take up eight periods a week of self-study.

  • S6 Students are expected to be engaged in classes or other enhanced curriculum activities for 28 periods in a week, as a minimum. See attachment below for details.

Please examine the Course Option Sheet below, and then click on each faculty to find out more.

We will collect your choices in your Pastoral Interview by Friday 22nd March. In addition to selecting courses you will be asked to identify which is your top choice and so on down to your fifth choice. We can use this information to allocate places if a course is oversubscribed.

Please be aware that we may need to adjust our courses based on staff availability and course take up.