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National 4

What will I study?

In this course you will develop manual dexterity and control skills in a specialist craft. You will learn about the correct use of a range of tools, equipment and materials. The skills you learn in this course are also useful to other areas such as woodworking. And, you will learn how to work effectively alongside others in a workshop environment.

In all three units you will develop an appreciation of safe working practices in a workshop setting. And, you will look at how metals are made and recycled and how this impacts the environment.

The course has three compulsory units, plus an added value unit that assesses your practical skills.

Practical Metalworking: Bench Skills 

In this unit you will:

  • learn a range of metalworking hand tool skills including simple bench-fitting work, basic sheet-metal work and simple measuring and marking out work
  • develop the ability to read and interpret simple drawings and diagrams.

Practical Metalworking: Machine Processes 

In this unit you will:

  • build measuring and marking out skills
  • develop skills in using common metalwork machines, equipment and related processes
  • work with an appropriate range of metals.

Practical Metalworking: Fabrication and Thermal Joining 

In this unit you will:

  • develop skills in fabrication, forming and joining of simple metalwork components
  • develop skills in thermal joining techniques
  • build skills in measuring and marking out.

Added Value Unit: Making a Finished Product from Metal 

In this unit you will:

  • produce and apply a finish to a product in metal.

How will I be assessed?

Your teacher will assess your work on a regular basis throughout the course. Items of work might include:

  • practical work – operating machinery or checking tools
  • written or oral work – identifying tools in short tests.

You must pass both units plus the added value unit to gain the course qualification.

What can I go on to next?

If you complete the course successfully, it may lead to:

  • National 5 Practical Metalworking

Further study, training or employment in: