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Parent Council

Welcome to Eyemouth High School Parent Council

On this page, we will keep you up to date with our activities and publish minutes of our meetings. If you’d like to get in touch, please use the contact form.

Our next meeting is:

Thursday, June 1, 6:00pm in school.

All parents/carers are warmly invited to join us.  Please contact school for information or email

What does the Parent Council do?

Schools across Scotland have set up Parent Councils which are made up of volunteer parents, carers and families of pupils in the school concerned.

The role of the Parent Council is to:

·      Support the school in its work with pupils and parents;

·      Represent the views of parents;

·      Promote contact between the school, parents, pupils and the wider community;

·      Report back to the parent forum (parents of all children in the school).

The Parent Council also organises social and fundraising events throughout the year. At Eyemouth, we are especially proud of our fundraising activities which have allowed us to provide financial support to groups of pupils taking part in a range of extra-curricular activities.

Recently we have given grants to buy musical instruments; a router table for use in woodwork; a photography printer for the art department; additional science revision books and DNA teaching materials; kit and equipment for the netball and hockey clubs; award boards; an iron and funded performances and yoga sessions to promote student wellbeing.

How can I get involved?

At Eyemouth, any parent/carer of a pupil in the school can become a member of the Parent Council. Get in touch using the contact form (right), via email on or simply turn up to one of our meetings. You will be made very welcome. We usually meet on a Tuesday evening in the school staff room (every 6 weeks or so). 

Not your thing?...

We understand that we are all busy parents and sometimes find it difficult to commit to regular meetings. And some people just don’t feel comfortable in that environment but want to help in other ways. That’s why we’re setting up a database of contacts who may be willing to help at some events (for example: serving refreshments, selling raffle tickets, bag-packing, making posters) but don’t want to be a full member of the Parent Council. If you think you could help in this way, please get in touch. We will not hold you to anything!