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S1-3: Broad General Education

Our S1-3 students continue with the Broad General Education that they began in Primary School. This covers eight curricular areas:

  • English
  • Expressive Arts (including Art, Drama, Music)
  • European Languages (German, French)
  • Health & Wellbeing (Personal & Social Education (PSE), Physical Education (PE)
  • Maths
  • Sciences
  • Social Subjects (including Geography, History, Modern Studies, Religious & Moral Education (RME))
  • Technologies (including Home Economics, ICT, Technology)  

Our curriculum aims to develop students' knowledge, skills and attributes. The content of courses is informed by national Experiences and Outcomes. Assessment of outcomes is informed by national Benchmarks.

To keep track of students' learning in each of the curricular areas, we think about their progress in terms of five Levels. In general, students work to achieve the Early, First and Second Levels in Primary school; in Secondary school, they are working to achieve the Third and Fourth Levels.

Assessment in S1-3 is designed by teachers in our school. We use this to collect evidence of each student's progress towards achieving a curriculum Level. Different students progress through the curriculum at different rates, but as a general guide it is expected that students should be:

  • achieving the Second Level by the end of Primary 7, meaning that they are starting to work at the Third Level in S1;
  • achieving the Third Level by the end of S3, but many will achieve this Level before that point, meaning that they will be working at the Fourth Level.

A student's curriculum includes learning opportunities beyond traditional subject areas. e.g. via clubs, sports, school shows and performances, assemblies,  wider achievement awards such as Duke of Edinburgh, volunteering, being on committees, and via our Wednesday afternoon Enrichment programme.

Towards the end of S2, students begin to personalise their curriculum by choosing nine subjects to study in S3. Choices must include at least one subject from each curricular area.

Towards the end of S3, students personalise their curriculum further as they prepare for the Senior Phase of their education. They usually choose seven course to study in the Senior Phase. These courses are called "Nationals" and are offered at different levels e.g. National 3, National 4, National 5.