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S3 History

If you choose History in S3, you will have three periods a week.

From summer to Christmas, we will look at WWI focusing on key areas such as recruitment, trench life, the Somme and the end of war. Within this course, we will use written and visual sources to build our understanding of events. We will start to look at 9 mark essays that are in the National 5 course to make us more familiar with the skill as well as describe and explain answers. There will be a creative task nearer the end of the course looking at designing your own war memorial.

From January to change of timetable, we will look at the Atlantic Slave Trade, this course forms a third of the knowledge required for National 4/5. Within this course, we will look at what happened to enslaved people, how they were captured, their treatment on the journey and the plantations as well as the abolition of slavery in Britain. During this course, we will continue to build on skills needed for the National 5 course such as the 9 marker, describe and explain. We will also start to look at sources in more detail and look at their usefulness.