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Senior Phase (S4-6)

FINAL EXAMS - FINAL TIPS!  Want to try an exam paper under the time constraints?  Higher AND National 5 Thursday 9.45-11.15am/12.15pm OR Monday 10.45 - 12.15/1.15pm.  You can of course


SECTION 1 - Try to have a bank of 10 quotes.  Remember to stick to the structure.  Give depth to your answer referring to themes/issues/plot/character development.

SECTION 2 - Explain in detail YOUR ideas for bringing the performance into production.  Visualise everything you are writing about to ensure that your ideas COULD be fully realised in a live performance. Use the correct vocabulary!

SECTION 3 - Revise our notes on key scenes.  Use the power points to re-visit themes and issues, plot and character.  Make a point with reference to your chosen production area THEN discuss audience impact and how it did/did not enhance your experience of the production!


SECTION 1 - Evaluation of a performance YOU have taken part in.  That is the drama you created in a group in the first part of the term OR you can write about 'Be My Baby', OR your exam performance!  Remember the 'because' word helps you to show you are JUSTIFYING.

SECTION 2 - CREATING A DRAMA FROM ONE OF THE STIMULI .  READ all the questions first.  Create a PLAN.  Answer the questions ensuring that you are restating KEY words from the question and fully justifying your decisions using correct drama vocabulary.

HIGHER DRAMA FINAL EXAM: Thursday 23rd May 1pm - 2.30pm

NATIONAL 5 DRAMA PRELIM: Thursday 23rd May 1pm - 3.30pm