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Student behaviour and conduct expectations

Our expectations for student behaviour and conduct can be summed as follows:

In terms of more specific expectations for student conduct and behaviour during the school day, these are:


As of the start of Registration (8.50am), and until the end of the school day (3.45pm), students are expected to be in full school uniform – this means that hoodies (including school hoodies) and other outdoor clothing should not be worn. This applies throughout the day i.e. during classes, break and lunchtime, and transitions.


All students should bring their iPad to school fully charged each day. We expect students to be organised in using this valuable technology, and to take good care of their iPad. Any smaller cracks can be fixed relatively quickly, but do need to be reported immediately. 

Mobile Technology

Please see our updated Mobile Technology Policy attached below.

Food and drink

Food and drink is only allowed to be consumed in designated social areas (i.e. the canteen, vending machine area, and the S1 and S6 social areas, for these year groups). It should not be consumed in other areas of the school. Students are of course allowed to carry food and drink to these designated social areas, but it should not be consumed along the way.

Only if a teacher has given permission should drinks be allowed in classes.


Further details regarding our approaches to promoting positive behaviour can be found in our Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy (below).