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The school dress code makes it obvious that each student is part of our school community - a caring community to be proud of.  It is expected that our students turn up for school dressed properly for school.

For many years the school has had a dress code and you as parents have regularly registered overwhelming support for it.  The help of parents is vital in this area.  Although it is not always easy, only if parents insist on their youngsters wearing dress code will we continue to be successful.

At the start of this new school year, it has been good to see so many of our children and young people following the dress code.  Thank you for your on-going support to help us achieve this.

We keep a watchful eye on dress code and are speaking to any students who are not following dress code.  We may get in touch with home if there are any on-going problems about wearing suitable school dress.

We ask all students to remove outdoor wear as they come into school, and to stow these safely in a bag or a locker.

What is our dress code?

What is our dress code?

For all pupils from S1 to S6, school dress code is:

  • Smart black trousers, or skirt (not tracksuit material, not faded or ripped,  no leggings unless worn with skirt)
  • Smart black tailored shorts (not PE shorts, badged sports shorts, 'hotpants' or close-fitting shorts such as cycling shorts)
  • Plain white or black collared shirt
  • School tie (S6 have their own tie)
  • School Blazer or Black school jumper or Cardigan with school badge
  • Black or Brown footwear

Scottish Borders Council has made it clear that the following categories of clothing are unacceptable in any of their schools in any circumstances:

  1. Clothes which could cause health or safety difficulties for the wearer or others (eg clothes with a flammability warning).
  2. Clothes which cause damage to the school(eg certain types of shoes).
  3. Clothes which could lead to indiscipline or poor behaviour (eg clothing associated with particular sporting factions or teams).
  4. Clothing which could cause offence to others in the school as a result of wording or pictures (eg certain t-shirts with explicit pictures or slogans,  clothes which are too revealing, tight or short).
  5. Clothing which encourage the use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.

No student will be allowed to wear such clothes in school and you are asked to ensure that your son/daughter complies with this requirement.  


Our suppliers of school uniform are listed below.

Tesco.  Order online at, delivered to your door.

Log-on to  Click on Find your school scroll down to Scottish Borders, Then Select School - Eyemouth High school .  Choose either Eyemouth School (Seniors) OR Eyemouth School (Years 1-4) click Shop Now.

Below are the links that will take you direct : (S1-3) (S4 - 6)



Border Embroideries Ltd, Unit 1, Duns Road Industrial Estate, Greenlaw, Berwickshire. TD10 6XJ.  Telephone: 01361810304.  Fax: 01361810561.

Email:  Web:

Login to the website then click on Schools Online Ordering, scroll down to either Eyemouth High School 1st-4th Year or Eyemouth High School 5th-6th Year.  Click on either jumper or cardigan and choose size and quantity.  PLEASE MEASURE YOUR CHILD AS THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE IN THE SIZE OF CARDIGANS COMPARED TO JUMPERS.


Fantasy Prints Ltd:  Unit 3, Windmill Way West, Ramparts Business Park.  Berwick Upon Tweed.  TD15 1TB.  Telephone 01289 303242.

You can visit the newly refurbished shop at the above address to view the full range of school-wear and accessories.  Garments can be tried for size before purchasing. 

Alternatively visit to place an order to be delivered or reserve your garments for collection.  Orders can be collected from the above address or the shop on West Street - just off Berwick High Street.  Alternatively call to order or reserve garments.